• Co-Working Space,
  • There is need for entrepreneurs in South Sudan to have a coworking spaces where they could collaboratively or individually work on their developmental project. Most youths of South sudan have resorted to working in hotels where conditions are not suitable to work in. Co-working offices would transpire and spark a new era working in South Sudan. The working space enables partnership in work and cuts down on cost of production. The working space provides experts to assist in technical areas of projects worked on.

  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • jHUB connect the population for south Sudan with great hands-on coaches and mentors with experience in their industry and in technology in general. The mentors are well-known experts who support j-HUBbers strategically during the program and help them to solve concrete technical or managerial problems.

    #JubaConnect-logoNetworking comprises the heart of the activities of jHUB. Not know people is like being at the tails of world. We share our extensive network of entrepreneurs, managers of established companies, investors, business experts and leading universities both on a national and international level ranging from Egypt(iceAlex) to Ethiopia(iceAddis), from Europe(Ice Global Networks) to South and North America (AfriLab)…

  • Events Organisation
  • The experience gained from the South Sudan #peacehackcamp not only inspired and empowered the organizers, but left wide varieties of opportunities to the people of south Sudan. As of now we believe in event as it is the only methodology to unlocking the door of opportunities for in South Sudan. Events organization for key activities such as South Sudan #peacehackcamp that has been conducted by the KAPITAL Movie has taught many skills to young south Sudanese, it has provided connections and networking

  • Startups.
  • j-HUB has inspired many start ups, and will continues to do now and tomorrow. Our first startup app, Wenu Salam, developed during the #peacehackcamp event is about conflict mitigation tools, it mapps conflict sensitive areas and conflict areas of South Sudan using Google map. Incubation of Startups, many businesses in south Sudan suffer from lack of proper knowledge for business skills. We want j-HUB to graduate incubation of business and nonprofit organizations.

  • Training Opportunities.
  • jHUB provides trainings opportunities in media production, entrepreneurship and tech development in to marginalized communities of South Sudan.

  • Conduction Research.
  • Many institutions, government ministries and private sectors need human resource to conduct research, so j-HUB will specialize in conducting researches, in open data, open source resource.