JubaHUB (jHUB) is South Sudan’s first open Knowledge and Innovation hub. It is a fully registered community based organization established to cultivate open innovation for peace, social enterprise and sustainable development of youths and the people of South Sudan.  jHUB therefore seeks to create an open knowledge and innovation space for South Sudanese youth to connect, startup, and collaborate, while providing an accessible resource center for creative learning and innovations for sustainable development.




A strong community is an empowered one. jHUB aspires to empower the community through various educative and capacity building trainings and enabling strong networks


Reach out to the community, with eye openers for the creative minds to turn challenges faced locally into innovation projects. A proactive community which is self reliant, using locally available resources or substitute to gain more

Open Culture

A center for open knowledge as well as innovation.  jHUB encourages the spirit and culture of openness in sharing knowledge within communities. So far open resources for various fields of innovation and creativity have been produced; the Open Learning Guide- an offline tutorial link bank to media, ICT and entrepreneurship resources, 2016’s Open Hardware Guide bases on LED making to building solar chargers , simple mechanical and electrical repair as well as phone repairs.


jHUB exemplarily  networks people from various backgrounds, age and ethnicity to co-work, co-exist and innovate and build creative ideas/products.What matters is the output

Peace and stability

Engaging people in in constructive activities, problem solving, innovation and event all lead to healing from instability and also refrain from peace disturbing activities



 JubaHub has and is striving to achieve the following targets

  1. JubaHub should be known and recognized as the platform that supports the community to dream, excel and press beyond their limitation with special focus on women and other vulnerable group of the community.
  2. JubaHub should be the airport/vehicle for all international and national organization to land; if there is any business or company that wants to start up in South Sudan, JubaHub should the first connecting conduit for that to happen
  3. JubaHub should be champion in steering Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, Open Culture, Open technology, Leadership, Solution to public problems.
  4. JubaHUB should  be South Sudan’s first and legitimate leader of open knowledge and Innovation centre that not only offers training opportunity and job creation by producing vibrant breed and mindset of youths in entrepreneurship but also offer solution to conflict mitigation by changing and transforming the attitude of youths to self sustaining and resilience to societal problem.
  5. JubaHub to be championing micro-arm of promoting and executing the global UN’s Sustainable Development Goal, SDG by 2050